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The Warrior Creative is about the real truth about what it takes to make it as a writer or a creative. By “make it” I mean make a full-time living making beautiful things.

If more creatives were doing what they loved AND making money, we would have a more meaningful world. In fact, I think part of the answer to the “meaning crisis” is individual creatives rising to the occasion. That’s you.

Most of you have a novel in your desk drawer or a business idea in the back of your head. This newsletter answers the question: “How do I get my dreams out of my head and into the world?”

This is The “Warrior” Creative because making truly meaningful work requires a hell of a lot of courage. The first step down a creative road is the exact one you’ve been avoiding for years.

Let’s take that step together.

My experience is that people give you two extremes of bad advice:

  1. Writers never make money, so keep your day job, buddy.

  2. You can attract anything you want if you just talk to your mirror long enough!

If you’re like I was, you’re wondering which is true.

I’ve written novels, worked with entrepreneurs, performed on stages, wrote TV pilots, acted, and improvised with people who went on to be on SNL. I’ve seen all types of creativity—rich, poor, out-of-control, routine, and everything in between. What did the people who “make it” have in common?

I was obsessed with the question. I was afraid the answer was “luck” or “talent,” which meant I was disqualified. What I found out was hard but hopeful.

Face What it Actually Takes

If you want to face the hard truth, I want to help. I don’t offer feel-good anybody can do it advice. I want you to push yourself. You’ll need to get clear about who you are, what you want, and exactly what it is you’re currently up to. Trust me, all of the answers will surprise you.

This newsletter is for people who are ready to hear the truth and face responsibility. You might not think that’s very “creative” sounding, but that’s what living this life actually takes.

With all that in mind, if you’ve made it this far—I think it’s possible for you. You can make it as a writer. If you want to get down to brass tacks, sign up.

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